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  • Roxanne R. Roncone

COVID-19 Safeguards

To say it's been a difficult year is an understatement! The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world as we know it today. With strict guidelines in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many events have been rescheduled or cancelled all together.

You might be thinking, what can we do to keep our event on our calendars? What changes have our vendors made to adjust to the guidelines and restrictions? Is it safe to continue having our vendor at our event? Will their services put myself, my family and my friends more at risk?

Lavish Exposure Photobooth thought long and hard on these questions. We wanted to be able to offer you the same quality service while limiting or if possible preventing the spread of bacteria or germs that cause coronavirus. With the safety of our customers and employees in mind, we're happy to announce to you the changes that we have made in effort to continue our services.


Signature Studio Packages and Services

In order to activate the photobooth, guests are required to touch or tap the screen. Once pictures are captured, guests will need to tap on the media that they would like outputted (print, text, email). This can lead to cross contamination if another guests interacts with the photobooth. We've made the decision to only allow the photobooth attendants to activate the photobooth and hand out prints to guests. This will keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of germs.

For the Signature Studio Photobooth, props are offered in almost every package. Props are the signs many people touch, hold, or place near their faces while in the photobooth. These can lead to cross contamination because they are high touch items. Therefore, props are not being offered or recommended at this time. If you are adamant on having props, the only safe props will be our PVC props which we can sanitize after each use.


Signature Digital Packages and Services

Our Signature Digital Photobooth is equipped to combat COVID-19 and has unique features to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The first feature is Hands Free Mode. This means a guest can simply wave their hand to activate the photobooth and begin the fun! This promotes and hands free environment which limits the spread.

The second feature is QR code output. A QR code is a bar code that you can scan with your phone which will provide a clickable link with your photobooth capture attached. This can be your photo, GIF, boomerang, or video! You no longer need to touch the photobooth to send your capture to yourself. Pretty cool, right?!


Additional Precautions

All photobooths will sit 6 feet from the backdrop to promote social distancing between the attendants and guests.

If you feel necessary, Lavish Exposure can place decals on the floor situated six feet apart to direct guests where to stand. Since most events are limited to 50 guests, this may not be required but is an additional safeguard we've added as the photobooth line can get a bit wild and crazy!

Only 6 guests will be allowed in a picture at a time. We used to fit up to 20 guests but we can't allow others to become at risk of catching coronavirus including the attendants.

Attendants will wear masks and gloves the entire event and provide courtesy hand sanitizer to guests. They will also continue to sanitize and wipe down the photobooths throughout the event and keep the photobooth area clean of trash or hazardous items.

We hope these newly established guidelines provides confidence that our company can still provide a great and fun time all while being a much safer and socially conscious.

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